Website content has to be good to achieve any goal that your site may have. What’s meant by “good” in this context is that it’s effective. It helps to lead the visitor to take the action you want them to take. Here are the five keys to creating highly effective content.

1. Readability

Your content needs to have a casual, friendly tone and be easy to read for readers of any level. Sentences and paragraphs should be short, and there shouldn’t be any vast patches of text. When explaining complex concepts, try to explain them in a way anyone of any age can understand.

Why? – If your website is hard to read or understand, people will leave it and look for an easier site.

2. Relevance

Your content should address a specific problem your readers face or answer their specific questions. Content is all about providing valuable information, so it needs to be something your visitor is looking for.

Why? – People search online for content with specific problems and questions. To be highly effective, your content should answer them.

3. Uniqueness

Your content should be original. Never use copied content. It should also be unique, taking a slightly different approach to the problem or the information. Try to set your content apart somehow, whether in its content, tone, or presentation.

Why? – There is a great deal of content that says the same thing. If yours is unique, it will grab attention.

4. Expertise

Your content shows your expertise, experience, and knowledge. You are an expert in your niche or field, and you’re sharing that expertise with your readers. In addition to your excellent and informative content, your site also tells the reader that you’re trustworthy and known for your expertise in your field. Your content should be free of all spelling, grammar, or word usage errors, and there shouldn’t be any awkward phrases.

Why? – The reader needs to trust you. Framing yourself as a thought leader is a great way to brand yourself and gain a strong following.

5. Urges the Reader to Take Action

Finally, the best content urges the reader to take action. After reading your helpful and valuable content, you should tell them what action they need to take next.

Why? – Because this is an excellent opportunity. This is a crucial touch-point where you can invite readers to join your list or check out your offerings on your website.

There is much more to writing great content, but if you follow the above five guidelines and check your work against them, you’ll have highly effective content that helps you achieve your goals.

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