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Find These SEO Mistakes and Fix Them

SEO Overview

The overview section displays the scores of the audited website on five dimensions (Usability, Security, Organic Traffic, Paid traffic, and Social activity). This allows you to focus your decisions on areas that are relevant for the growth and health of the website.

We give you an overview of the number of issues, grouped by categories and sections ( critical issues, for improvement etc… ).


website  SEO Audit overview showing usability, security, Organic Traffic, paid traffic and social activity score.
SEO Audit showing website usability factors and score


This section focuses on mobile-friendliness, speed, and the presence of Google Analytics. We use Mobile Friendliness and Google Pagespeed Insights APIs to detect issues with mobile support of the page and its speed. For Google Analytics we try to detect a standard implementation of Google Analytics. We cannot detect some implementations when the GA code is not in the HTML but is added dynamically via a third-party Javascript.


Security has become a major component of the web and affects SEO results significantly. We check the TLS version of the SSL implementation of the website, and if the redirections for the non HTTPS version of the website are properly implemented. We also check if Google’s APIs consider the website safe.

SEO Audit showing website security score
SEO audit showing scores for organic traffic and t technical SEO factors

Technical SEO – 

We check if there is an existing sitemap.xml file. We look for it at the /sitemap.xml URL or within the robots.txt file if indicated. We also parse the robots.txt file using Google’s Robots txt parser implementation to verify that googlebot can access the homepage of the website. Finally, we check the redirections between www and non www urls, and the canonicals.

On-Page SEO

We parse the homepage of the website and check for the following: Meta Data, image alts, and header structure/ratio of the page. We do not make assumptions on word count for the homepage, as needs per industry vary.

SEO report showing on page factors and score
seo audit report showing off page factors and score

Off-Page SEO Factors

We check for the following off-page metrics:

  • number of backlinks
  • authority of those backlinks
  • page authority
  • citations
  • trustworthy rating

We also collect information on the websites linking back to the main site.

Paid Traffic

We check if the website receives more paid traffic than organic, as we consider paid ads should be supplementary to SEO.

SEO report showing paid traffic score
SEO audit showing social media metrics and score

Social Media Activity

We check for the social presence of the website on social networks based on the links present in the HTML source code of the site. If we find them, we collate the fundamental metrics that allow us to estimate the engagement and ROI of the business’s social presence.