FREE COVID-19 Social Media Post Packs

  • Save time – easy to use, just cut-and-paste.
  • Increase visibility and raise awareness of your brand so you can grow your audience.
  • Strengthen relationships with existing patients so you can fill your appointment book faster!


Streamline communications and save time with easy to use, cut and paste COVID-19 awareness content for all your social media channels.

As a trusted, local healthcare provider, now, more than ever, is the time to deliver relevant health information and resources to your audience.

And…. social media is a great channel to engage and educate.

But… it takes time away from delivering patient care and running your organization.

Sifting through COVID-19 content, writing intros, and posting updates several times a day is time consuming.

We can help!

Here are over 100 high-quality, social media PSAs that will save you time, and deliver the information and resources your audience wants to consume right now…. for FREE

Our tiny contribution to the cause.

These are ready to use, cut and paste posts for any social media channel with quality text intros, image or video and links to trusted information resources (CDC, WHO, NIH, NAMI). Feel free to edit and personalize them or post as-is.

We’ve seen reach and engagement on Facebook triple over the last few weeks without spending money on ads!

– Alaska Community Health Center

Share information and resources, without being opportunistic and:

  • boost credibility
  • increase brand visibility and grow your audience
  • strengthen relationships with patients
  • fill your appointment bookings.

3 Free COVID-19 Awareness Communication Packs

Download over 100+ COVID-19 social media PSA’s in three categories with credible information from the CDC, WHO, NIH, and NAMI. Share information about slowing the spread,  dispel myths, coping with stress, and maintaining overall health to flatten the curve.

Engage your patients with the information they want to find, where they are already spending a ton of time -on social media .  These COVID-19 communication packs save hours of work and help you reach more people faster.


Slow the spread of COVID-19 with education and prevention tips, graphics and videos from the Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health. Each post includes a custom pre-written introduction to easily cut and paste.


Correct misinformation and dispel confusion about COVID-19 with the World Health Organization’s answers to common questions about COVID-19 Myth Busters with easy to read and understand graphics and text introductions.


Provide mental health resources during COVID-19. Share resources for adults, children and caregivers from the National Institutes of Mental Health and the National Alliance on Mental Illness to boost coping skills and compassion.

Get All 3 Packs Now

Each post features credible information from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health about COVID-19 with pre-written text introductions. Build trust and brand awareness. Strengthen and grow your audience and have more people to fill your appointment book.

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