About Us

Qubit Web Solutions is a small but passionate web design company based in the beautiful state of Alaska.

We offer a personalized and empowering web design and digital marketing experience for small to medium-sized businesses who want to stand out from the crowd, convert more customers and blow away their competition.

Meet Teri

Teri is the owner and creative director of Qubit Web Solutions, a website and digital marketing agency based in Willow, Alaska (Home of the Iditarod). Teri specializes in WordPress website design and helps businesses grow by creating a professional online presence, branding and marketing materials.

“My goal is to give my clients a personalized design experience and provide the processes and tools to utilize what we create to help grow businesses. I take pride in my services and always strive to work with honesty, integrity and loyalty.” ~Teri

How We’re Different

Typically you have two choices when shopping for web design services:

1) Freelancer    or    2) Big Agency

Freelancers or “one-man shops” are often overworked, overwhelmed and hard to get a hold of since they’re wearing every hat. And with an agency, you’ll feel like a number on a spreadsheet and will undoubtedly see turnover in your contacts throughout the process. We’re right in the sweet spot.

Qubit has been helping small to mid-sized businesses with web design, development, and marketing since 2013 with just the right amount of attention and expertise and a talented, dedicated team at your service.


They’re often overworked and overwhelmed.

We're Right in the Middle

You’re well cared for by Teri and her small team.

Big Agency

You’re a number on a spreadsheet.

Our Process

1) Listen

We start by listening to you. It’s the simplest, most important step in the entire process. By listening and gathering information, we’ll be able to create a website or marketing plan that’s uniquely yours.

2) Plan

Once we’ve honed in on your vision, we’ll collect all the key elements that will make up your project and present it to you in a simple, easy-to-understand package based on the features you need or want.

3) Design

Using what we learn in the previous steps, we’ll implement your ideas and build your website or marketing campaign. This will involve regular updates and communication while we develop and customize.

4) Deliver

Now it’s time for launch! Before the “go live”, we perform a rigorous audit and usability test to ensure everything is ready to go. Reporting, analytics and optimization are set up to help you understand and adjust.

5) Review

After 90 days we’ll review your site performance, make minor adjustments as needed, and provide suggestions to improve the return on your investment. Increasing website performance and leads are key review items.

6) Growth

Building your website is not a one and done process for Qubit. We’re a dedicated, long-term partner in maintaining and growing your web presence with options to assist your growth after your site is live.


Yes, we’re based in the amazing state of Alaska. No, we don’t work out of an igloo BUT… you can expect honesty, integrity and a work ethic you’ll only find in the great, white north. And, because it’s 2024 and we have the internet and technology, we work with clients everywhere.