Polls are an amazing method of generating content for your business on social media. The mere functionality of a poll encourages social media engagement and perpetuates participation.

And the participation often spurs on community participation which is great for anyone or any business that publishes polls on Social.

Clearly a poll can be leveraged to gather real data and insights but don’t discount the engagement factor and what that could mean to your business.

Need some ideas for poll questions? We have your back!

1. What sport would be the funniest to watch if the players were drunk?

2. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest? Why?

3. How focused are you?

4. Would you rather have a _____ or ______?

5. Would you rather see:
A) Your future B) Someone else’s

6. Would you rather speak _________ or _________?

7. What is your favorite travel destination?

8. What is your favorite Holiday?

9. What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

10. What do you love more ________ or ________?

11. Where would you love to live?

12. Are you a _________?

13. What do you prefer to watch _________or ________?

14. What’s your must have summer item?

15. What will you do this weekend?

16. If you could have one, who would you choose? _______ or ________

17. How do you like your coffee?

18. How do you sleep? (Chest, Left or Right Side or Back))

19. What do you feel like doing most?

20. Which season do you love most? Why?

21. Which color do you like most?

22. What type of music do you usually listen to?

23. Which food is your least favorite?

24. What is your ‘relax’ drink?

25. What are you more scared of? ______ or ______?

26. What’s your favorite type of book? ______ or ______?

27. What’s your favorite movie?

28. Do you want to learn how to launch a profitable eBook?

29. Do you want to have your own business?

30. Do you want to be famous?

31. Theme: Pets: Are you a ________ or a _______ person?

32. Do you love engaging on Poll Questions?

33. Which course would help you more? ______ or ______?

34. Which deal would you most be interested in getting? ______ or ______?

35. Would you rather have a:
A) Golden voice B) Silver tongue

36. Would you rather get:
A) $1M right now B) $10,000/month

37. Would you rather:
A) Be free B) Be safe

38. Would you rather:
A) Read minds B) Fly C) Be invisible

39. Would you rather speak:
A) 5 languages B) To animals

40. What’s your favorite travel destination?
A) Tropical place B) Mountains C) Lake

41. What’s your favorite holiday?
A) 4th of July B) Thanksgiving C) Christmas

42. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
A) Vanilla B) Chocolate C) Lemon D) Strawberry

43. What’s your favorite Social Media platform?
A) Facebook B) Instagram C) Twitter d) TikTok

44. What deal would you prefer to get?
A) 15% OFF B) Free shipping

45. Who would you rather do business with:
A) GaryVee B) Jeff Bezos

46. Do you usually LIKE or LOVE the posts?
A) Like B) Love

47. Do you enjoy taking poll questions?
A) Love them! B) Sometimes

48. What’s the max amount of posts you should post on Facebook per day? I’ll share the right answer tomorrow.
A) 1 B) 3 C) 10+

49. Which platform is NOT a Social Media platform?
A) Facebook B) Twitter C) Pinterest

50. Which gender uses Pinterest more?
A) Men B) Women

51. Is it necessary to brand yourself with specific colors? Why or why not?
A) Yes, it’s necessary B) No, it’s not

52. Is it necessary to post on Social Media every day?
A) YES! B) No

53. Is Email Marketing essential for online businesses?
A) It sure is! B) No, waste of time

54. Do people need to trust you before they buy from you?
A) Oh, for sure! B) Nop!

55. Can memes help you boost Social Media engagement?
A) YES!!! B) No

56. Do you have your own business?
A) YES! B) No

57. What are you most afraid of in business?
A) Failure B) Not being able to make ends meet

58. What is your favorite word?
A) Client B) Customer

59. What is the best way to motivate your audience?
A) Motivational posts B) Story posts

60. What’s the most important thing to consider when starting a business?
A) Niche B) Logo

61. What’s your favorite birthday cake flavor?
A) Chocolate B) Strawberry C) Vanilla

62. If you could invite one person to celebrate your birthday with you, who would it be?

63. What’s the best present you can receive for your birthday?
A) A puppy B) Cake C) Book

64. Will you leave a legacy?
A) Yes B) No

65. What is your favorite family activity?
A) Family game night B) Going to the beach

66. What are the best ways for entrepreneurs to spend quality time with their family?
A) Vacations B) Hiking

67. What’s the best way to get your email open rates up?
A) Use a catchy subject line B) Write an intriguing first sentence

The cool thing about polling types of questions is that most of these questions are repurposable and interchangeable.

Feel free to substitute the answers or change them out completely. We’ve provided these for inspiration so you can take massive action and create engagement for your brand and local business!

If you need help with this stuff, please reach out! We’re here to help!